Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What to do if a Rat Pops out of your Toilet!

My parent's neighbor flushed her to toilet today and up came a RAT! She shut the lid and ran over to get my dad to help her. When he opened the lid he realized it was still ALIVE. Rats can hold their breath up to 15 minutes allowing them to swim up pipes. This problem is more common than you think- having blogs dedicated to it! Apparently, some major cities are experience rat-toilet epidemics.

Here's what to do:

Immediately shut the lid. Squirt liquid dish soap in the side. This decreases the oils in the fur so it cannot stay afloat in the water. Then, after it starts to sink, you can flush it.

However... without seeing this tip before the rat problem, my dad just used a plunger to drown it. SO GROSS! But, hey, what are good neighbors for :)


  1. are you serious???? how about letting it go outside???? or anything else HUMANE?! i have a pet rat, and they are very intelligent and loving! i was enjoying your blog until this. HORRIBLE.

  2. That is so gross. Also, rats that come out of your sewer are different than pet rats. Seriously, person who posted before me. Seriously. There is no good that that toilet rat would have ever done for the world.

  3. I have to worry about spiders and rats in the toilet!!! So gross - I would have done the same thing you did, and my husband would have totally killed it. Interesting trick with the soap. Love your blog; such good tips and tricks.

  4. My worst nightmare, I kinda believed it was a myth. :(

    1. Me too. How gross. I had no idea. Another reason to keep the lid closed.

    2. The day I reach into a toilet and get a wet nasty rat and let it go outside (to do the HUMANE thing)is the day HELL freezes over!!!!!! omg!!! rats in the totally disgusting!!!!

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